1347-Win By Any Means Necessary! – Female Pro Wrestling


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Jezabel Romo vs Delilah Doom ~ Spunk & Sass Delilah Doom is in the ring getting ready for her next match. She takes her wrestling seriously and always handles herself in a professional manner. Me, being her opponent on the other hand is a grab life by the balls and have fun type of girl. Needless to say we are total opposites to be honest. Delilah realizes that it’s me she has to wrestle and of course has to comment about my appearance, but then her looking like a wanna be Baywatch babe. I decide if she can dish out the snarkiness, she can take it too! I must have caught her on a bad day, because you can say that Delilah was almost being a bitch! Imagine that, America’s little sweetheart in a bitch mood. Well I like it and I plan on mindfucking her because of it! She wants a piece of me, well baby girl, you better be careful what you wish for. I am not one of those play by the rules, everybody loves Delilah type of bitch, I play for wins and I play for keeps. Lets see just how gullible Delilah is when she steps in the ring with me. I am not one of these todays wrestlers with a cute tanned toned body, I am more of a beefy brawler with a beefy belly type of bitches and I plan on making sure that she knows she is in a real fight, not a play wrestler for TV sweetheart like she is used too. I decide to use every dirty trick and tactic I can think of. I even decide to stair step the Aerobic Queens crotch, I stomp, punch, kick and humiliate her anyway I can. I love hurting the ever popular Thick Thighs and Jazzercize Doomie! This match was just way too fun to me, though she did try to out wrestle me a few times, you can tell she just can’t handle a real heel bitch like me! Even if I had to cheat to win, I will win this match and since there was no ref to see my feet hook the ropes to ensure the pin, I guess all is fair in the ultimate heel wrestling the ultimate babyface! Download LGW’s 1347-Win By Any Means Necessary – Female Pro Wrestling

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