2023_54 LEXI versus HEATHER “The Roommate” (wmv)


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2023_54 LEXI versus HEATHER “The New Roommate”

Description- In this custom storyline, HEATHER is welcoming her new roommate, LEXI, to their shared house. Both ladies are conveniently wearing bikinis in the living room, where HEATHER challenges LEXI to a wrestling contest. LEXI, sort of confused by the request, plays along with her new roommate, and the ladies are on the mats soon enough, trading off on Body Scissors.


What started off as playful (albeit “weird”), soon gets heated, as HEATHER reveals through her actions that she’s kind of unhinged, and really wants to work over her chosen opponent, LEXI! The petite beauty can do little to fend off her attacker, as HEATHER works her over with various Scissors, and adds in some humiliation with walks on all fours! Eventually, HEATHER ties of her one-sided beatdown, and leaves a very groggy LEXI in the living room, and gets up to head to bed.


The next day, LEXI is caught on her cell by HEATHER, discussing with someone how crazy her new roommate is, and this of course, infuriates the statuesque wrestling legend! HEATHER picks up where she left off the night before, and immediately drags LEXI to the mats for more femdom action! Variations of Schoolgirl Pins, Cradle Pins, and of course, more walks on all fours, round out this savage beatdown interaction between these two fabulous combatants! (time: 21:16) 

21 minutes



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