4K Step Brother Fucks Step Sis Face and Cum On Her Feet


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Kara’s step brother is leaving the bathroom as she is walking into it, he tells her that he is ready for a blowjob. She laughs and walks right by him going into the bathroom. Her step bro stays and opens the bathroom door a crack and listens to her as she is talking on the phone while she does her make up.

He listens to her talking about how she went out with his 2 best friends (John and Russ) and what a good time they had. She explains how they took turns fucking her face as she sucked their cocks and how they would cum huge loads on her feet and she loves rubbing it all over her face and lick the rest off her feet. 

As she is leaving the bathroom her step bro meets her again and tells her that he’s waiting for that blowjob again. Now naked and kneeling before him he tells her that he heard her on the phone talking about what she lets his friends do to her and decides to recreate that.

She is sassy but plays along, not that she has a choice. He grabs the top of her head and shoves his cock in her mouth and fucks her face. In between face fucking she tells him that they have bigger dicks than him and they make her feel like a whore more than he ever could.

He takes that as a challenge and fucks her face even more and tells her to suck his cock as she deep throats it and he keeps fucking her face. When he is about ready to cum he takes it out of her mouth and blows his load on her feet. She tells him that his friends blow much bigger loads but listens when he tells her to rub her cummy feet on her face and lick it up off of her feet.

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