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Enea is a panties fetishist. He choose 3 girl friends as victims, studying their routine. He choose Thursday night, as they usually go dancing, to steal in their house. He didn’t know they come back earlier home cause one of them was sick. While he is rummaging though their drawers, he is not aware there is someone in house. Also he didn’t know one of them, Carolina, is awake, playing at phone. She can block him, then brings him in living room, where Tabitha and Bella are waiting. They are blackmailing him: they are call the police if he does’t do what they wants. First he must kiss their feet all. He does it, adding he hates feet. The 3 girls laugh at that and do it even worst. Tabitha stuffs her heel inside his mouth, making him suck like a slut. Then they alternates making him suck toes and lick feet and soles. They laugh all the time, mocking him and humiliating him. He must do it, to avoid they calling police. Carolina keeps her stocking on, managing the action. Bella is surprised the good sensation is giving to her, a man at her feet, worshipping them. She is the youngest and she never tried such an experience in her life. Tabitha is the one is taking the biggest fun, laughing at him, imitating his action to laugh on him, stuffing her feet inside mouth, to hear noise he’s doing while he sucks them. Carolina orders him to say “aaaa” while he sucks, to hear his ridiculous noises. Then they try to put 2 feet at same time in his mouth, finally they make him suck and lick feet all together. The man is completely submitted and humiliated. He must obey, or they’re calling police… Carolina asks at the end: feet or jail ? The man answers: feet! Now they are all laughing at him again.
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