* 854x480p * A Cottage in The Woods (Giantess) Part 1 – Mp4


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There once was a small man who was no taller than 6 inches high. One day, he found himself wondering through the woods, only to get lost! Finally he came upon a lone cottage after weeks of wandering the forest. To his surprise, he was greeted by a very kind Giantess named Daphney Rose. After welcoming him inter her home, she fed him milk and cookies. The lovely giant women told him he could stay as long as he liked and promised to fatten him up while he stayed. Daphney was more excited than she let on, you see, she was planning to fatten him up for a reason. Or rather for a …MEAL! He will never suspect a thing!Days go by and Daphney and the little man make a deal. She cooks daily feasts for him to fatten up on and tucks him in at night. He uses his tiny hands to help with jobs around the cottage. Days turn into weeks and they become great friends. One day, over breakfast, Daphney decides she must tell her small friend of her original plans. But he Surprise her with something big he wants to talk about first. *Stay tuned for PART 2 to see what happens next* CLIP CONTAINS: GIANTESS, VORE, GODDESS WORSHIP, SUPER VILLAIN, FAIRY TALES

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