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In part 1 of this 2 part one shoe ankle sock housework day,,

It’s chore day! I love chore day, getting to put order to all the accumulated chaos – clearing dust and spider webs out from ledges and forgotten corners. It Feels great! And i have the perfect cozy cut cleaning outfit on, complete with mismatched colorful ankle socks and a pair of flat ankle boots. Things are getting off to a nice start with some laundry when I realize there is something in my left shoe. I stop to take it off and shake it out. Thinking I have solved the issue, I slip back into the boot and continue on. But before long, there it is again! That uncomfortable sensation in the left boot nagging me like before. Hmm. Well, suppose i’ll have to check it again. Maybe I missed it. After another removal and shake out, I return the shoe to it’s rightful place, on my left foot. 

Much to my surprise, and now somewhat annoyance, while doing dishes I can STILL feel something in my left shoe. I hop up on the sink and again take off my left boot. I pull back the tongue and really get a good look in their. I even reach in with my hand- but nothing. Perplexed I put the shoe back on and finish the dishes. I leave the shoe untied as I figure at this point, i’ll just be taking it off again sooner or later. Finally as I am about to take my fresh load of laundry upstairs, I decide this is it. Time for the trouble making left boot to come off and STay off. I kick the shoe away and continue about my housework with one shoe on and one shoe off. Ah yes, Much better! 

After all the chores I decide to relax on the couch and catch up on some texting with my feet up. I notice my left sock is getting a bit dirty, but i guess it’s better than having a sore left foot. Off to do some dusting! As my dusting progresses, i notice so does the dirtiness of my left socked foot. Ugh, though this does displease me, again, I figure it’s better than the alternative.©Daphneysugarrose

***Download part 2 to see how dirty my left sock gets and what I decide to do about my missing shoe situation ***

14 minutes