A Long Night 2 – Starring Goddess Iah and Temptress Mars – SD


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Watch the first part of this series:  A Long Night: Featuring Goddess Iah and Temptress Mars

“Oh My God that was so much fun!”  Goddess Iah says as She and Temptress Mars return from their night out in Vegas.  While the Goddesses were out having fun they left slave c bound and helpless all night long!  Now that the Goddesses are back They want a nice, comfy slave to sit on!  Goddess Iah starts off by plopping Her magnificent ass down full weight on slave c’s face, burying him beneath Her soft ass and thighs while Temptress Mars straddles his chest.  Together, They easily pin slave c beneath Their wonderful weight!  When They trade places Temptress Mars uses Her own incredible ass and thighs to completely bury slave c’s lucky face again!  After some face sitting fun, Goddess Iah and Temptress Mars head back out for a late dinner, leaving slave c bound and helpless again!  

They eventually return with water and an energy drink, preparing to head back out for more fun in Vegas, but first They want to squish and smother slave c some more!  Feeling renewed with energy, Temptress Mars gets right to work ass smothering slave c and nearly pushing him off the bed with Her incredible butt!  They keep teaming up on poor slave c (don’t you feel so sorry for him??) before eventually leaving him bound and alone again while They enjoy Their Vegas vacation!

18 minutes



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