Agatha Ludovino And Britney Hunter: Sniff Our Big Stinky Asses And Tell Us Whose Farts Smell Worse (3-Part Series)


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Agatha Ludovino and Britney Hunter are having a heated debate about whose farts smell worse. They’re at Britney’s place farting after a bad meal gave them upset stomachs. To settle the argument, Britney calls Daniel over, but he has no idea that she called him over to be a fart judge. In the meantime, Britney and Agatha take turns farting in their underwear.

When Daniel arrives, Britney’s place smells like rotten eggs because of the women’s farts. It’s awful, and Daniel coughs and gags as soon as he walks in, but he’s there to do Britney a favor. When Britney tells Daniel that she wants him to be a fart judge, he immediately tries to leave because he cannot take the smell. The women stop him from leaving, toss him on the bed and the fart contest begins. Both women take turns farting in Daniel’s face, taking off their underwear before their first round of farts.

Britney and Agatha each lay on one side of Daniel with their backs to him. He’s confused and cannot escape. Each woman takes a turn pushing Daniel face first into the other woman’s ass as she farts. Agatha and Britney try their best to outdo each other when it’s their turn to fart in Daniel’s face. 

Daniel rolls off the bed and tries to reach the door to leave, but the women drag him back and make him lean to side of the bed. One woman holds his head back so the other woman can squat in front of him and fart in his face and mouth. This is the final round of the fart contest, and these women have saved some of their biggest farts for last. The women keep asking him whose farts smell worse, but Daniel still can’t decide. Britney eventually kicks Daniel out because he’s a worthless judge. The two women bend over on the bed and push out their final farts.

34 minutes



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