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Ameena is used to male clients having a thing for her. Even though shes used to it, its still annoying. She puts with Michael since he pays for private lessons and really hes so ridiculous about it its obvious he knows there isnt a chance. I mean an out of shape old man getting with her? Dream on! Except she does actually start having dreams…
First – Ameena laughs off his offer to massage her “root chakra” Like he even knows what that is, and even if it was what he is thinking its not it would work anyway. But then that night she finds her self cumming over and over from his fingers

The next class he asks about her giving massage and.. more of course, and even as she laughs him off that night she dreams about massaging him and a “full body release”

Ameena is starting to wear some of her more “at home” yoga outfits since shes starting to like Michaels constant attention. I mean why else would she keep having those dreams if there isnt something there. Of course he goes a little far with his “blow job” joke, but it must of stuck in her head because that night she dreams about giving him the  BEST head and licking it all up

Its obvious she wants to see where things will go. Of all the men that have tried to hook up with her since shes been teaching yoga Ameena never would have thought MICHAEL would be the one living her head. Since shes been dreaming about him she decides to give him what every guy wants, a naked yoga session with her. Between the dreams and the way he looks at her she doesnt even hesitate when he puts his cock in her face as she kneels in front of him

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