Anastasija 89 – More Cars & Food Part 1




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Anastasija 89 – More Cars & Food Part 1


Anastasija does it once more. A fan requested her again to obliterate plenty of toy cars and guitars with different types of shoes in a catwalk challenge. This time, no less than 31 cars and 2 guitars await their unavoidable fate of being crushed under the feet of this cruel goddess.
As if this wasn’t enough already, Anastasija rounds the scene off with a major food crush event. So stay tuned until the very end!

Part 1: Guys, I am looking very much forward to this new catwalk challenge. As you all know I love crushing toys, so this will be a lot of fun. Let me take the first 5 cars and see how well they will perform if I walk over them in my new strappy high heels with clunky heels. I am really curious to find out how long they will last!

Length:9 min
Size:516 MB

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