Aquaphilias- Kelli Curtis- Midnight SCUBA, couldn’t rest and I decided to masturbate underwater while on SCUBA gear


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Sometimes when i lay down at night, I find it very hard to clear my mind. The days events keep playing over and over, I should have done this or I should have said that. It leaves me all alone in my empty bed feeling sad.

So, I decided to do something about that. I slip on my sparkly micro bikini, it always makes me feel sexy. And when i feel sexy, I feel more happy!

I slip out to the pool where I had left my SCUBA gear from practicing earlier that day. I double check my gear and put on my BCD, Tank, and Regulator.

After putting on my fins and mask I finally go beneath the surface to the place where I find real joy and peace!

After swimming around for a little bit, I notice that there is a tingling all over my body… At first it was just on the outside of my skin along may arms and legs. But then I start to notice that the feeling had moved to other parts of my body. My nipple piercings were almost vibrating all by themselves, just feeling the energy of the water. It was hard at first to maintain control, but my hands decided to help  affirm that feeling!

My nipples were rock hard an erect. As I started playing with them, gently twisting them and pinching them almost to the point of pain, I noticed the tingling had moved down across my belly, stopping for a little bit at my pierced belly button and had settled on my Vertical Clit Hood piercing.

If you have never touched a woman who has a VCH, you have no idea what you are missing! It feels amazing all day just gently rubbing across, over and around my clit. I can have orgasms just walking down the street!

Now, this vibration has settled in my VCH and I have to feel it with my hands! It is amazing as the piercing is weight less in the water and is teasing my clit to no end!

I slip a finger or two inside of me, as I work towards the huge orgasm that I know I want!

I was surprised at how wet I was on the inside, like my body was telling me what to do and how to do it!

I eventually decide just to sit down on the bottom of the of the pool and finish myself off with my hand massaging my clit until I had a HUGE orgasm!! 

They ALWAYS feel better underwater!!



11 minutes



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