Avery’s Stinky Feet Show – (Ultra HD 4K Version)


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Avery always takes pleasure in humiliating me with her smelly feet, but she also takes great pleasure in doing it with you! She already knows how addicted you are to her feet, and you seem to be able to do without her! This clip was shot on a hot summer day, and her feet really hurt in her sneakers after she had to walk all day. So now was the perfect time to relax with some music, while using yourself as a slave to pamper her feet! She teases you with her sneakers before taking them off, and covering your face with both of her feet in warm, smelly black socks! The smell was so strong, it practically smelled all over the room! She makes you take deep breaths in her socks, and asks you to enjoy this moment at her feet. Avery also asks you to lick the underside of her sweaty socks, before taking them off and covering your face again with her stinky bare feet! The smell of her feet was still strong, and they were still warm! She knows how much you like the smell of her feet, so she asks you once again to smell her feet, and to lick the bottom of her stinky feet from heel to toe! How lucky you are to serve this goddess! Be sure to obey all her instructions!
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