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With Dakota Charms!Youre kind of too old for a babysitter but we can play your game. So youre a robber who breaks in but doesnt hurt me and I get extra money from your stepparents? You want me to wear an outfit you picked out? You dont like my shiny shorts and want me to wear your step-sisters schoolgirl skirt? I feel naked and exposed in this tiny skirt.Why did you tie me up in chair bondage? You wont get away with this? (Am I doing this right?) You tied this super tightly! You like watching my bondage struggle? It feels good being tied and helpless to escape.Is that a bulge in your pants? youre getting turned on by my bound struggling? Damsel bondage is turning me on too! Im eager to try standing bondage while youre masturbating to my jerk off encouragement. You better shove a gag in my mouth so I can mmmph, moan and gag talk.When your stepparents come home, Im eager to watch you again!
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