[Ballbusting] Hikaru Minazuki – Special Angle Edition!! Japanese Mistress slaps ball & pressing her foot on the ball while pulling on his feet (as known as “electric massage” in japan) to make ejaculate ballbusting-18dzz-2 – MOV




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[About this clip]
This film does not include any kicking, but if you are a fan of ball-busting, you will definitely get a kick out of this maniacal work.

Please come and watch this special kind of ball-busting play that you can only see here!

*This clip is “Special Angle Version”!
You can enjoy her powerful and tremendous ballbusting from the low angle, which is near to balls which are busted!!

1. Balls slapping
First she slaps his balls from the front, then from the back, and crushes them with all her might.

, she puts her clean hand inside his pants and gropes and squeezes his balls.

You can see extremely close-up on her hurting his balls from low angle.

This is a very rare and shocking video that you can only see here!

2. Intense electric massage ejaculation
*”electric massage” is a Japanese play, which means pressing her foot on the ball while pulling on his feet (in Japanese, “Denki Annma”)

This is an intense electric massage.

At first, she stands up and stomps on him, and then she does the electric foot massage with both feet as if she was running on his balls with all her might.

He ejaculates even with the electric foot massage…!

And this time, you can feel that you are looked down by her because of the Special low angle, which make you, masochistic men, very exciting!!

The above 2 types of rare ballbusting by Japanese cute girl from the Special Low Angle are included in this video.

Please purchase the full-length movie and ejaculate a lot!

14 minutes



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