Barbie – Gym conflict – Mix1 Part2


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Again, Barbie is presented to your attention.

In this video, Barbie comes to work out in the gym, but there is a man there.
He begins to cling to Barbie and tries to kick her out of the gym, arguing that women do not belong here and they are the weaker sex.
The girl is offended by this and she decides to teach the insolent a lesson in respect for women. As it turned out, the man is actually a weakling and only pretends to be strong.


First, Barbie knocks Johnny to the floor and won’t let him get up, kicking him with her sneaker feet and stepping on his chest.
But the man still does not want to admit his mistake. Then Barbie will take off her sneakers and continue to dominate him with bare feet.
She kicks him, steps on his chest, presses her foot on his throat.
Then the girl is tired of Johnny’s hands and she ties them behind his back. After that, playing with him, tells him to try to crawl away.
But the man does not succeed, he only crawls helplessly at the feet of Barbie, and she steps on him with her feet.
Further, Johnny nevertheless decided to admit his wrong and ask for forgiveness. But Barbie decides that the lesson is not over yet and he must be fully aware of his position under her feet.
She then makes Johnny’s face into a footstool. She poses triumphantly over him as he lies helplessly under her feet and sniffs them.
Finally, Barbie, tired, sits down in a chair to rest. And Johnny is under the chair, his face under her feet. And breathes in their scent.   

A lot of victory poses with a foot on chest, a foot on face, a foot on back, a foot on neck, a foot on head.

The video was filmed by four cameras. Two main ones, GoPro and an auxiliary camera located at the other end of the gym. This is done in order to make the angles as diverse as possible.
Videos will be composed of parts from two cameras. One of the main + GoPro and one of the main + auxiliary.

The video has English subtitles.

This is the second part of the video. Barbie is tired of Johnny trying to remove her legs with his hands and she decides to tie his hands behind his back.
After that, Johnny tries to crawl away, and Barbie walks around, hitting him and stepping on him, showing that his attempts to escape are useless.
Sometimes the girl pinches Johnny’s neck with her ankles and chokes him. Many victory poses over a helpless bound man.
At the end, Johnny realizes his situation and begins to ask for forgiveness.

29 minutes



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