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Youve been going behind her back with me for how long, now? Thats right, YEARS… literal years of lying to her, cheating with me, giving all kinds of lame excuses as to why you still bother with her. I always laugh SO HARD when you use that one ridiculous phrase with her… “its okay, you have a nice personality”- you might as well just call her ugly straight her face. But the truth is, youre just blowing hot air up her ass, because she doesnt even have that. You constantly tell me how toxic and annoying she is, right after you finish telling me how much hotter I am… and how much better I am in bed. Youre staying with her because you feel bad for her, dont you? You pity her, because shes such a loser. But she couldnt domme her way out of a paper bag… so you come to see me. You dont have feelings for her anymore… so you come to see me. Its ludicrously hard to cum when youre with her… so you see me, who can finish you off in any position, in seconds, if I so choose. My innate superiority is beyond obvious. She probably already knows that were a thing, but shes so laughably pathetic and self-loathing that she keeps emotionally hanging on, like the unwanted loser that she is, because shes completely unable to find another man. Maybe thats why youre letting her hang onto you like a useless barnacle. But its okay, I know youre too nice to let her go right now… we can just keep rawdogging behind her back, cucking that ugly, pitiful, annoying old hag at every available opportunity. I know that shes really gross and hard to tolerate… so Ill be here for as long as you need me, ready to make life worth fun and worth living, as you prepare to make the announcement and leave for good. But I want you to take a fun little first step… theres a certain symbol of commitment that were going to use for target practice when you cum. And this time… youre leaving it out for her to find somewhere.

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