Bella Ink Taped Up and Wrap Gagged in Tight, Shiny Silver Bra and Denim Blue Jeans – Knot Very Nice (WMV – HD)


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Every guy who is into bondage has a friend, coworker, or neighbor that they would just love to see bound and gagged – this clip is for you. So, who she is to you, and how she found herself taped up on your couch while wearing denim blue jeans, and a very tight shiny silver push up bra. No time for her to explain as the first thing that happens is a large sponge ball is shoved into her sexy, slutty red lips, and then wrap several turns of tape around her head to ensure she remains unable to say a word. Its not long until you take advantage of the situation and pop her gorgeous big boobs out of her tight shiny bra, and pull her jeans down just enough to enjoy the sight of her purple lace panties. Your friend, coworker, neighbor looks delightful bound and tape wrap gagged, as she unsuccessfully struggles and squirms against some real and effective tape bondage.
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8 minutes



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