Black Maiden vs Super Kobe – a superheroine supervillains roleplay fantasies girl-girl fetish film


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Black Maiden vs Super Kobe – a superheroine supervillains roleplay fantasies girl-girl fetish film


Superheroine Kobe Lee paces in only vintage nylons as the Supervillain Black Maiden (Arielle Lane) finds her, threatening to expose her secret. Groaning in agony, the kryptonite light causes the goody two shoes to fall to her knees. She alternates tit grabbing her sore breasts and pussy grabbing her sore pussy as she’s drained of powers.

In a dramatic twist, Super Kobe reveals a dark matter light  that has Black Maiden’s grabbing pussy and breast grabbing. Writhing in her black Full Fashioned stockings, she can’t find relief, but grabs her kryptonite light for mutual assured destruction. Their superpowers weaken as they struggle in the FF stockings but agree to a battle truce by having a Strongest Clit Competition

Kissing and groping each other, Kobe puts her red fingernails between the villain’s full bush. Going to her knees, she starts licking pussy her big clit till the evil doer is on her back. The pussy worship makes her cum hard in her nemesis’s mouth as her black RHT stockings are toe pointing in pleasure. SuperKobe climbs on top for facesitting pussy licking and shudders in orgasm and falls to the ground spent.

Fast forward and Black Maiden is in cuff bondage as Super Kobe gives breast worship on her perky tits. Eating pussy and using a vibrator makes Black Maiden cum hard. Super Kobe uses her black nylon foot to give a brief lesbian footjob.

Super Kobe is adamant that she won’t have a bondage orgasm, but the clit licking and vibing is too much! She’s released from her standing bondage and goes to the floor for the girl girl foot fucking with Black Maiden’s Cuban Stockings.

The last battle for dominance is nylon tribbing but it feels so good they call a truce. SuperKobe desires Black Maiden’s to give girl girl foot job. Seeing red toenails peek through her black RHT nylons makes them both climax hard!

Spent, they try standing and feel powerless after the pussy play. Deciding that mutual masturbation will help, they do standing masturbation but fall to the ground in pleasure. Increasingly weakened, they lay on the floor completely spent.

Length:23 min
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