Blueberry Bubble Tea Girl Belly & Breast Expansion


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“I wonder why more places don’t make blueberry tea?” Poppy wonders aloud to herself, all while failing to notice her belly is slowly turning blue. She thinks she may be having an allergic reaction – and doesn’t even notice she’s turning into a blueberry herself.

In “Blueberry Bubble-tea Girl” I set out to bloat with a large blueberry boba, only to end up expanding far beyond my expectations. I begin to notice that my belly is feeling unusually bloated, however as I’m bloating for you, I don’t notice my skin turning blue until it’s WAY too late to stop.

Not only do I grow my belly from flab to bloated solid, but my tits also grow from A cups, to Bs, to Ds and then finally to G cups. This is a fully rounded expansion clip focused on how FULL I am and how much PRESSURE there is as I become SWOLLEN with juice. Of course, it’s every bloaters dream to be round to the max and it just feels so GOOD I can’t quite get myself to call someone. Instead, I just moan desperately over my ever-growing belly, rubbing, slapping, and shaking it for good measure to feel just how heavy it’s become until it becomes just too heavy to bear.

Clip ends with a fade at the crescendo – an implied popping, or a natural ending point up to viewer discretion~ If you’re into expansion fantasies I really hope you enjoy this clip!

13 minutes



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