Boss Azure Milks Your Prostate To Modify Your Work Performance (ID # 666 HD 1080rez)


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Your boss, Azure, has noticed quite a decrease in your work performance over the last few months. She’s been thinking about what changes have occurred in the workplace in that time… Ah, yes, She began wearing these more flowy, low cut tops. It’s understandable that power, dominance and Her beautiful breasts turn you on. But, we need to get work done here- it’s just not productive to have you stare at her tits all day. Something has to be done to clear the tension you’re experiencing… Azure has no interest in you or your cock, so to alleviate your tensions there’s an ancient and scientifically proven way of releasing male tension. Azure snaps on a black medical glove, while explaining how prostate massage is a very effective method with putting male insubordinates in their place, in a calmer more docile place. men need to be put in their places, below Women. Azure has you lay back on her desk, legs spread. She has you breathe deeply, more relaxation techniques, while she slowly edges one finger… and then two into your tight asshole. She massages your prostate with expertise and it makes you leak, twitch… you’re feeling so docile and obedient too. She makes you into her office ass slut, and you squirt without any cock stimulation too! You’ll do anything for Azure now….

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