Boss Blaze vs Legion: Competitive Mixed Wrestling


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Boss Blaze and Legion hit the mats at the Doom studio for a competitive submission wrestling match!   Both athletes have a background in BJJ, and Legion has a slight height and weight advantage and more years training.  But Blaze has the greater training intensity — she’s right in the middle of tournament prep, in fact, and very fired up.  Plus, she brings a special glee to this match:  “I prefer to wrestle men,” she says, “you guys are just so much fun to throw around!”
The two get into action, and it’s an athletic, aggressive, but good-natured contest.  Blaze comes on hard, focused on the fight, but with a big grin breaking out whenever she gets Legion in a dangerous position.  Legion is super expressive, grunting, quipping, and commenting as he manages moments of offense…but ultimately finds Blaze is far too much for him!
Sweat builds up as the two struggle, and Blaze pulls ahead in an impressive submission lead.  She catches Legion with RNC’s and arm triangles, but most especially tangles him up in her legs, in a variety of triangle holds.  Legion puffs, gasps, and grimaces as she squeezes.
When the two competitive rounds are over, there’s still the punishment round to go, and now Legion must face Blaze’s repertoire of domination tactics.  She subjects him to headscissors, facesitting, the camel clutch, more leggy chokeholds, and a good bit of mocking…plus, of course, a sweaty and delighted victory pose!
Blaze:  5’5″, 138 lbs.  Legion:  5’7″, 165 lbs.
Blaze wears a bikini, and Legion wears board shorts.  Two 10-minute competitive rounds, plus a 5-minute punishment round.  Includes opening and closing interviews.

32 minutes



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