Brandon Regresses Her Husband (UHD WMV)


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Starring Brandon Arena & Dick Dastard

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Brandon and Dick have been trying to mend their cracked relationship for years. They fight over the pettiest things, and they always fail to resolve conflicts within their marriage. They both are great providers who do not want to submit to each other. Brandon’s too sick with their everyday bantering – Dick does not even care about her day-to-day life, and so she thinks it’s the perfect time to get back at him and teach him a lesson- regress him back to learn some manners!


She offers her husband a muffin she says she personally made with love, with hopes of rekindling their love for each other. Dick accepts it and takes a small bite, and after a few seconds, he feels odd and nauseous. Brandon grins, and she knows her plan’s a success. She assists him towards their room which she had prepped and turned into a nursery where all the needed accessories and toys can be found.


Dick feels ill, his joints and muscles turn sloppier and jelly-like, and his speaking suddenly regresses too, as he can only mumble a few syllables out loud. He knows something has changed within him, but the effect of the muffin is just overpowering his system already. Panic washes over him as he stares at his wife- who strangely looks more motherly to him by the second. Poof! Giggling and clapping, Dick squirms around with immense happiness to be in his caring new motherly figure.


Getting him situated in the proper attire, Brandon removes his clothes and puts him in a nice, big diaper. His cock hangs loose once he got naked, and his wife thinks he’s getting turned on. She knows his body is liking it as his cock says so. She cleans his crotch and butt, so he’d be fresh and clean all day long. She gives him all the things a dumb little one wants — a pacifier on the mouth, a cute toy clung by the side, and a baby diaper on, in case he pees or poots.


Enjoying humiliating and mocking her husband for being such a useless and brainless little, old man, Brandon takes pictures as souvenirs! And for the final act, she spiced things up to ensure long-term good behavior. She ties his arms and legs, leaving him there to take photos and videos of. Deciding to leave him like this, Brandon knows as soon as he gets back to his senses, he would see what a joke he is. 


Be good, or she’ll make you eat the muffin before driving you to work tomorrow!


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21 minutes



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