Brooke Lea in: Lured to an Old Shack in Stoat’s Forest, She Was Captured, Oiled & Roped Up by the Evil HillBilly Bastard! (Shack Memories Cut) (HD)


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A strange dream, with the girl as a tightly bound and gagged captive… then a ‘real-life’ invitation to the same, creepy place haunting her imagination. The dream sequence was always intended to forerun our scene, and now it does. Plus, some highly rough psycho-treatment her, and delicious extra trussed and panty-stifled action never-before-seen! The definitive edition? Oh yes!

(Producer’s Note:) A lot went on in that shack with the outright delicious Miss Lea. We wanted to apprise newcomers of just how deeply sexy it all was too. Check this out, with some additional, , a mysterious call… Private Eye Ms Lea is told in hushed tones that there is a place out in the forest (known as Stoat’s for the place is said to be overrun by them) regarding a strange hermit who resides out that way. In fact, he has long been the stuff of urban legend but Brooke’s client, the well-off Mr KitKat, is looking to develop some property out there and before he gets heavy, would like to know if there really is anybody there, and if so, what approach might be best to get the fucker(s) out. Rumours also have it that the Blue DungBeetle, a local crime villain, has been seen in the vicinity too. Yep, things is getting pretty complex and that, ya know??

So, here she is, looking just divine in a silver dress and dark heels, calling out for whoever might be lurking to show themselves. She doesn’t realistically think she might be in danger though, as filth like that only happens to other people, right? Nope, sorry, Toots, your big-titted card is about to be marked. As the beautiful P.I. snoops around the gloomy room, she fails to notice a masked and apron-clad spacebiscuit creep in behind her. Boom, he seizes her roughly before she can scream, a tight handgag controlling her well. Oh Dear, Brooke, you are in trouble now!

The silent moron ushers Brooke to strip down to her pink panties, then grabs said panties after she reluctantly takes these off too and slams them into her mouth. The hot nude blonde is then extremely tightly bound hand and foot, arms pulled very sharply overhead, and slathered with oil while she protests through a seriously cinched cloth cleave gag. Her underwear is locked in good and secure behind it, and yes, she cannot utter a word. So with her huge baps being fondled, squeezed and generally enjoyed, she is totally helpless.

Looks like there is a situation here after all, it’s just too bad she can’t tell her client all about it right now. Left alone, with her gorgeous, muscular legs all tied up too, Brooke swings on her rope, her gag most uncomfortable. Her perfect body glistens with oil and the bad guy, it seems, is just getting warmed up! Returning soon enough, he roughly pigbinds the ravishing, gag talking beauty face down on the floor. He has her on and old rug while he applies more warm oil to her sheened flesh, slapping her arse and groping her uncontrollably. Brooke wriggles and protests her indignation with all of the usual charm.

Making her first smell a dirty sock he has produced, then binding it around her face, then slamming that too into her mouth, he massively face masks the struggling young lady. Damn, dude, whatever else you are, and whether you know the Blue DungBeetle or not, we have to admire your handiwork there. That poor girl won’t be chatting for a while!

Having groped and fondled the hog-tethered hottie some more, he locks her away to ponder her situation, extremely bound and gagged. No way will this uppity little bitch be helping rid him of his home. He’ll hold her hostage for as long as it takes back there, until those who would destroy his life think again. What, after all, is the harm in leaving a demented hillbilly who has no idea whatsoever about how to treat a lady, at large?

Bound and gagged Brooke is straining and twisting in her ropes with huge energy. She has to get free. If she could just call out (not happening babe, all socked, pantied and taped up mummy style as you are and have been) somebody out walking the mutt, or exploring the woods, might hear her. She tries and tries until it seems her heaving chest might burst. But it’s no use. You keep going though, Babe, we love seeing you in such sexiness, as well as soaking up those gorgeous twitching bare feet and imagining we are right there, breathing in that oiled, perfumed skin and inhabiting your pure and unadulterated captivity. Such a feisty beauty. We will never grow tired of binding and gagging such a woman, And nor will you in watching it all play out for her, right? Another entry of pure fire for Brooke, guys. This chick is one of the best ever!

***All  productions (video & images) & associated bondage scenarios depicted are strictly of a role play and story driven nature and feature fully consenting participants aged over 18 and established safe signals (clearly defined within each fantasy scene) between model(s) and crew are in continual use throughout the production.  Thus, these are pure, tongue in cheek adventuristic fantasy scenarios, without exception fully consensual, contextual and supported by model release to this effect***

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