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Candy is dressed in white or black bra with the blue stockings and black heels.  Candy is soft spoken throught the video, and her hair are in a ponytail. Mia is dressed in black bra and underwear and nude stockings. 

Candy walks out slowly with camera panning up her body from behind starting with the shoes. She stands and says she wore the stockings because she knows we like them.  However, she wants to make sure that she shows her body off the best she can, so she’s going to get Mia to show her how to do it the best. Then Mia walk out in the same way with the same camera shot, panning up from the shoes to her whole body. She then runs her hands up and down her legs multiple times, getting shots from the front, back and side. Then Candy does the same leg show.  From there, Candy says that she knows we enjoy seeing her tied tightly, how it causes her to strain to stay in bondage, but that she does it to please us.  Mia is going to help her do it right.  Cut to Candy in a hogtie by herself on screen. Now tightly hogtied Candy is talking to the camera.  She says that she hopes we will enjoy her efforts to please us.  She tells us that she wants to stay arched and looking at the camera, and that she does it because she looks beautiful like that.  Candy says how we shouldn’t worry about how difficult that is for her, but we should just enjoy looking at her like that.  Intermittently, Mia comes back in same outfit.  She can show her how to arch her body and hold her head up, by doing the same thing, but untied.  She should also remove Candy’s shoes.  Some shots of Mia’s untied body arching are quite amazing.  Some shots in the video have Mia there and some shots with just Candy.  From there, Mia gags Candy with the harness ballgag.

She then leaves for a few minutes.  Candy arches and stretches.  Closeups of her legs shaking.  Mia comes back in for a few minutes and runs her hands over Candy’s body while she is gagged.  While she is playing with Candy Mia tell Candy she is doing a very good job.  Then have Mia tie Candy’s harness gag back to her arms

Mia then leaves for a few minutes.  Again, candy struggles and strains, with closeups of the leg shaking if possible.  For the last few minutes, Mia comes in and puts candy’s head on her thighs.  She continues to play with Candy.  At the end, Mia removes the head to arms tie and ungags Candy, saying, “you did very well and were very beautiful.” Candy thanks Mia, and then turn to the camera, saying something like “I worked so hard for you, and I hope you enjoyed it.”  

20 minutes