Charlie Monaco and Mr Borderland Starring in ‘The Bridenapper!’


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Barkley Manor is the place to go if you are looking to hit the jackpot! Charlie Monaco has planned this day for a long time, no not her wedding day, her robbery day! You see there is a Wedding Exhibition going on next door so Charlie is undercover as a wedding dress model. She sneaks into the rather understated Barkley Manor and has a quick look around before she listens in behind one of the doors. From her plans she knows that this is where the riches are and she waits until the voices disappear before she enters. 
Monaco warily pushes the door open and looks to see if the coast is clear but, before she can think any further she hears an evil laugh from behind her. Hands up! Thinking on her feet she explains that she is a model for the wedding show next door and 

whoops is she in the wrong place? The evil sounding villain is having none of it and roughly ties her hands behind her back all the while a Miss Monaco is doing her best to get out of the situation. Having heard enough and needing to quiet this bitch down he shoves a knotted cleave gag in that oh so noisy mouth of hers and ties it tight. Not one to back down a furious Miss Monaco is continuously gag talking, although now all you can hear are muffled mmmmppphhhsss!!! She struggles and wriggles trying to get free while our villain exits stage left. 
All the struggling pays off and Charlie breaks free of her tied ankles, wrists and finally gets that huge drool soaked knotted cleave gag out of her mouth. Just as she feels triumphant and plots her revenge the Bridenapper runs in and decides to really bind and gag this bitch now! No more escaping! Gagged over and over and tied tight the villain takes advantage and gropes her huge breasts and humiliated her more, taunting her as she is tied. He disappears to get the van while this Bridezilla struggles as if her life depended on it! 

Will we ever see Charlie Monaco again?! 

13 minutes



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