Cheating Wifey Gets Caught (SD, mobile version) – Anal Punishment for Slutty Wifey!


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Cheat on me once and I might not find out. Cheat on me twice and I might get a little suspicious. Cheat on me for months and thats what you get: a hardcore anal fucking, me stretching and using your hole to my own pleasure. I might as well dump you after I use you, dont you see that I simply dont care anymore? Wanna be a whore? Fine by me, be a whore, but stop pretending youre my wife and stop living in my home. You think I dont see you going out dressed like a slut? Not wearing even panties? How stupid do you think I am? Of course I know all about your misdoings. I know youre fucking Mark and you have the audacity to lie to my face. Oh, now youre sorry? Kind of late, my dear. Oh, you wanna compensate for it by giving me a blowjob after months of not even touching me? Yes, I miss blowjobs, I do. I enjoy them a lot and, I have to admit, youre quite skilled. But thats not gonna make up for it. Nope. You just crossed some limits without thinking of consequences and now you wanna make up for it, huh? Its not that easy, Ive talked to my lawyer and Im filling for divorce. You want to get fucked, hoping this will glue things back together? Fine! Well do it on my terms. You said youd do anything, right? The lil bitch plays the obedient card so well do it my way. I wont stick my cock into that filthy pussy of yours, filled with Marks cum, no. Ill use your ass knowing perfectly well that you wont enjoy it. But I will. That tight hole needs to be fucked, pounded and stretched and I dont care if it hurts. You never cared about what I want, so its time to return the favor. I really like sticking my cock in such a tight, tiny hole. It feels amazing, and I wont stop until I cum. Its a real delight seeing her getting ravaged by my cock.
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