Chichi Medina Bikini-clad Step-Daughter Duct Tape Challenge (WMV – HD)


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My step-daughter, Chichi Medina sat on the couch in a bikini top that barely contained her big, perfect boobs and a mini skirt that was so short you could easily see upskirt at her tight purple thong panties on her pussy peeking out from underneath. When she mentioned she was bored on this lazy afternoon, I suggested for some fun she make some videos for her Youtube channel. She said she didnt have any good ideas, so I suggested she try the Duct Tape Escape Challenge.
She inquired as to what that was, and I explained that she would have her hands duct taped behind her back, her legs would also be bound, together with several revolutions of duct tape, and maybe some on the mouth. I made it sound more simple than I knew it would be. She agreed to give it a try, and a few minutes later she was securely bound with lots of duct tape.
Her perfect tanned and toned body was beautifully accentuated and displayed by her bonds. Her boobs were jutting out so much they threatened to pop out right away as she began struggling and squirming in an honest attempt to escape her restraints. Likewise her short skirt began to rise up revealing even more of her tight purple thong. About this time I felt I should remind her that the rules call for her to be gagged with duct tape as well.
thing she knows a bandana has been shoved in her mouth and several revolutions of tape have been wrapped around her head to secure it in. She continues to energetically writhe, squirm, and mmmph on the floor as she tries without success to escape. Her escalated efforts in her escape attempt have now made her boobs fall completely out of her top and her skirt is completely around her hips. After several minutes of watching her struggle in her panties I inform her that her 15 minutes is up, and as a consequence she has to submit to another attempt of the Duct Tape Escape Challenge!
 Check back to see how well she does at her second attempt. As for now, pick this one up!
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