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No names custom request, as follows; Yes,I’d like you to be wearing a tight low cut top (t-shirt preferably). Essentially, I’m looking for waist up in frame entire time (NO close-ups), NO nudity, tight shirt, and lots of dirty talking and eye contact. The scenario would be you’re attending your step-son’s par*nt/teacher interview. He’s doing very poorly in my class, and you’re very worried. Then, you notice me staring at your chest. At first you’re taken aback, and annoyed. But then you see this as an opportunity. You offer to let me stare as much as I like, if I promise to raise your step-son’s grade. You even offer to let me jerk off while staring. As I stroke my cock, you start talking dirty to me. Then, you begin to squirm in your seat. You do so because you are becoming aroused/wet watching me. Soon you are so wet that you decide you need to get off too. So, you slide your hand down your pants (hand/pants are off-screen) and play with yourself as I continue to do the same. The whole time you’re talking very dirty, and encouraging us to cum at the same time. Your orgasm is intense and quivering. When you recover, you remind me to raise your step-son’s grade a little so that he passes. You also suggest that maybe another time we could do even more together to get him to an A. And, if you’d be willing to use a name during the video, you can refer to me as Monsieur (pronounced “miss-ye” meaning ‘Mister’ in French)

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