Creepy Roommate Gets Vored – A giantess vore scene featuring: unaware giantess, gtsv, tiny man, roommate, gassy girls, and burp fetish – 1080 WMV


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This giantess vore scene features unaware giantess, gtsv, tiny man, roommate, gassy girls, and burp fetish (starring: Sydney screams). A few minutes of this video are out of focus; it has been discounted to reflect that. Sydney has had a long day and starts to undress. She has no clue you, her roommate, are in the room. She changes out of her sundress and into some red velvet pajamas. After she has finished changing, she looks down and sees a tiny person. She didnt even notice you were there, or else she wouldnt have changed in front of you. How did you get so small, and why are you creeping in her room?
She picks you up to get a closer look; she must confirm that it is actually you, her roommate. It is you; you are such a creep! You are so small! You used to be taller than her, and now youre about an inch tall.
Sydney is very disturbed that you are so small and have the audacity to shrink down and watch her change. You admit that you hoped Sydney would fall resting so you could crawl into her pussy. Its totally unacceptable that you are spying on Sydney in her room. Its weird! Sydney has repeatedly made it clear that she is not sexually interested in you. You have crossed the roommate boundary, and she is going to make you pay.
Sydney decides she is going to make you disappear. She is sick of you being a bad roommate! She licks her lips, opens her mouth, and torments you. Sydney explains that you will never see her pussy; this is actually going to be the last time you ever see her! She opens her mouth wide and sticks out her tongue; you slide down her throat nicely. After devouring you, Sydney is such a gassy girl. She torments you from inside her belly. She must find a new roommate because you were such a creep. She bounces up and down to make your time in her stomach even more unpleasurable; she will punish you until you digest completely (This portion of the video is out of focus, and this clip is slightly discounted as a result)
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