Cruel Fun in a Creepy Shack SDmp4


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~Vivica Lase~

Not much of a story line to this video, instead of fictional fantasy this video is based on reality. Vivica and I had been out the day before scouting out filming locations on a nearby property we had gotten permission to use. We stumbled upon this gem of a run-down shack, and it was love at first sight, absolutely perfect for some dark damsel story lines. We couldn’t wait to test it out by having a bit of fun putting the tough girl Vivica into a predicament as evil and nasty as the creepy building. Viv is a real life damsel and pain slut. She asked for a challenge and the results were her suffering in beautiful agony. 

Vivica is lead into the shack; her arms welded behind her. Tethered to the ceiling by the rope gag in her mouth we begin expose her tits and tightly bind them. Vivica’s is then cinched up to the rafters by her now purple tits. Dancing on the toes of her heels the fun has just begun for the tough girl. tying off a crotch rope and weighting it down with gallon jug after gallon jug filled with water. Poor Vivica is exactly where she loves to be suffering immensely in absolute agony. Her eyes well up with tears, as she cries through her gag. She suffers so beautifully for the camera. 

13 minutes



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