Cucked by Your Bully




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Cucked by Your Bully


You’re my wimpy loser husband who lets the neighbourhood roughneck walk all over you. He’s always doing things to embarrass and humiliate you, and after watching it go on for too long I knew that I had to go over there and put him in his place. Being a lawyer I threatened to tie him up in so much legal action that his head would spin, but he… didn’t seem scared at all. In fact, he seemed rather turned on by how hot and bothered I was getting. He said that he was impressed by how mouthy and feisty I was and with action like that… I must be good at sucking. Before I knew it he has his cock out! I was disgusted! Repulsed! Infuriated… until I saw it. But once I saw it… I knew… I had to try it. And you… well, you’ll have to watch the rest of the story! 

Length:15 min
Size:541 MB

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