Dahlia Lark – College Girl Reprogrammed – The Full Story (WMV Format)


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Dahlia Lark was a little short of cash and thought volunteering for a campus research project would be a great way to make a few extra dollars. She began to feel uneasy when she was told to strip naked, and she really got nervous when the research tech brought in a large collection of ropes, gags and a vibrating dildo! Still, she knew it was a professional science experiment, so she continued with the project. Soon she was bound, gagged, plugged and fitting with electrical sensors and headphones. Her eyes grew wide when she was told the experiment would be a study in ow much sexual stimulation and aversion treatment would be needed to reprogram an average college girl into a sex-crazed love servant, willing to do ANYTHING her master demanded! As the audio program commenced, she tried to ignore the programming, but each attempt to disobey the commands brought a huge shock to her sensitive pussy, while obedience brought stimulation from the vibrator! She thought she may lose total control and kept trying to hold on to her mental state, despite the powerful shocks assailing her vagina! Then the research tech began tickling her feet! It was all too much for Dahlia, and she felt her mind slowly melting away as she drank up the programming. She came again and again, her body racked with overwhelming orgasms. With her last remaining vestige of her old self, she wondered: “What would happen next?”  As our story continues, Dahlia has undergone her first round of mental reprogramming, and is now being subjected to a complete personality overhaul! Bound in a lotus position, tipped back so that she is on full display, the vibrator nestled in her pussy completely visible, she is being subjected to orgasm after orgasm so that her resolve is being slowly and completely stripped away. The leader of the research project enters and tests her mental faculties by asking if she remembers who she is or why she is here. Satisfied with the answers, he adorns her with some appropriate jewelry, in this case nipple clamps. He crops her ass as she is vibed and then begins to explain her new function in this life. Not only is she now nothing more than a sexual plaything, existing only to please the desires of whatever male she is presented to, she is also expected to lure other students into the same training programs, creating a large stock of ready, willing and mindless drones, all programmed to cum at he snap of the fingers of whomever assumes control of them! Dahlia rebels at this, but a shock to her pussy reinforces her programming and she mindlessly agrees. As a reward for her compliance, she is put back into orgasm mode, left to cum over and over and over as she helplessly repeats her new training mantra!

42 minutes



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