Dahlia’s Instructions – (Full HD 1080p Version)


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Dahlia recently heard about your severe foot fetish, so she thought it would be nice to take advantage and use you as a good slave after a very long day with her socks and feet inside her hot leather shoes, so you can worship her sweaty feet while she does her homework! She wants to know a little more about your foot fetish, so she enjoys teasing you with her shoes, before taking them off to completely cover your face with her sweaty white socks! Her socks are super sweaty and super smelly, but she wants you to take a deep breath inside her shoes, before letting you rub your nose in her sweaty white socks! She makes you breathe deep into her socks, and makes you lick the bottom of her socks too before she takes them off, to cover your face again but this time with her sweaty bare feet! Dahlia wants you to sniff her feet and worship them properly, before having you stick your tongue out to lick the moist bottoms of her soles, from heel to toe! She also wants you to suck her toes, like a good devoted loser slave, and she wants you to lick and clean all that dirt, right between each of her toes! Be sure to obey all her instructions!
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