Date Night at Home with Cuckie


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Friday- Date Night! you are My beloved boyfriend watching Me excitedly get ready for the evening while knelt on the bathroom floor. you love watching Me in My cute green lingerie while I try to guess what is in store for the night. I inquire about your chore list- is the house clean? Champagne on ice? Fresh strawberries hand dipped in chocolate? you assure Me that everything has been completed and then you hand over you credit card. This date isn’t with you, of course- it’s with a hot boytoy that I’ve been seeing recently. As My Cuckie BF you can’t help but get excited as I talk about how horny I am for this boytoy… and that is when I have a brilliant idea! I’ve only ever gone out and told you of My exploits in the past, but tonight, let’s ACTUALLY do this together! My boytoy knows about you and he get’s off on bullying betas like you so let’s ACTUALLY get you cucked FOR REAL! you’ll get to watch the sucking and fucking in real time… I’ll even let you show off some of those dildo sucking skills We’ve working on together, but this time with His big thick cock. I can tell you’re getting horny too! One last thing… to be a true Cuckie for tonight, you’ll need to be in chastity… remember, this is about MY pleasure- not yours!

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