Dinner, Party of 3: Cadence & Cali eat you and your friends leaving their bellies bloated (hd)


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 Cali has a surprise for Cadence…Three little humans!! Cali has told Cadence about this before and was excited. Cali made sure to get them nice and small because its Cadence’s first time. 
Cadence isn’t exactly sure what to do so Cali starts to fill her in. You want to make sure you take some nice big gulps in the beginning to make sure they get all the way down into your stomach. You want to make sure your stomach acid starts to get to them, so plenty of water. 
As you and your friends continue to listen, you realize that you are about to be eaten. As Cali starts to tell her about the fun of teasing you before, and savoring you and your friends, Cadence can’t wait any longer and quickly eats your friend up!!
That quick you are in Cadence’s belly and she is already big and feeling you in there…so much for savoring the moment. Cali can now warn Cadence of the impending indigestion that is next to happen. Cali moves on to the next…giving you and your friend a good lick as a test test. 
Cadence is enjoying your little friend in her stomach and Cali is starting to get jealous….which one of you is next??? You won’t be in there forever, come on! Cali gets your friend down and gets him down with one good burp. Cali and Cadence both enjoying the churning dance of your friends in their bellies, while you are stuck watching and hearing that they aren’t getting out. 
Cadence is loving how cool this is, how delicious your friend is, how he is fighting so hard to get around her belly while he is being broken down. The girls are loving how willing you and your small friends were to help with Cadence’s first time, but Cali is definitely used to something bigger…so that leaves you!!
You try to get yourself away, but that was never going to happen….you get to join your friend and start your new role in life as stomach chum….
This clip run 11 minutes long and includes vore, belly inflation, POV. The 1080hd format can be found in  under the Vore Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***
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