Ditria Rose – Robot Clone FInale [MP4 4k 60fps]


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Ditria Rose in Robot Clone Finale

In this final clip, Ditria Rose is still convinced shes a Robot Clone of the original DItria. And as such, she has almost completely submitted to that belief. Though she still has a little doubt left in her mind, of which we shall try to squash completely.
We have also PROGRAMMED the magic word RED into her mind, giving her an immediate uncontrollable instant orgasm. As we continue to talk to her, explaining the situation to her.. we interject a few RED commands in there, instantly causing her to squirm in pleasure.
As part of the clone training, we also experiment with emotional controls. I make her feel anger, and as such she complains loudly about what we are doing to her. I then switch her between happy… and in love, and in hate. Enjoy watching the emotional transformation of Ditria as I switch her between these states, often instantaneously.
Then I end with the standard de-programming, making her snap out of everything and remember it all upon a handshake. I move my camera closer to her, and I extend my hand out to thank her for her service and contribution to my robot clone collection… and as I shake her hand, you can see in her eyes the reveal happening… and just like that, shes back to normal.
We ask her some post-shoot questions, her answers being quite interesting as they most are. You will have to watch this yourself to see her responses.

32 minutes



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