DO be a little bitch


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Hey little bitch boy, yeah you, you know exactly what you are.
No matter how hard you try to deny your true nature,
No matter how many times you try to run away…
You ALWAYS find yourself crawling right back.
Right here, on your knees beneath Me,
Just groveling at My feet.
Exactly where you belong.
Nothing gets you harder than being belittled and toyed with.
Nothing thrills you more than the prospect of licking the bottoms of My perfect Goddess feet.
You’re not normal, nor average.
You’re WAY beneath that.
It’s time to embrace it, bitch boy.
I want you to say it.
Say “I’m a little bitch for you Goddess Lexi”.
It just feels so easy to say it, right?
Because you know it’s true, you know what you are.
You know you’re MY little bitch.
And you wouldn’t want it any other way.
Now repeat it again. Click purchase as you say “I’M A LITTLE BITCH FOR YOU GODDESS LEXI”
Full disclosure – some scenes in this clip the camera didn’t focus on My feet – not like you deserve the best anyway, bitch boy – however I was so generous as to include an alternate BONUS ending where My feet are in Focus the entire time!! You can thank Me later. 😉
I’m so excited for you to watch this clip because i’m simply just speaking the truth. It’ll hit you hard. Trust Me. Now enjoy being the little bitch that you were always meant to be! 😉
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