Duped Into Diapers! WMV


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Feat. Irene Silver
This clip is based off the scripting of the popular clip Tricked Into Diapers! 
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You had a date with the sexiest woman alive, Irene, and you still cant believe she said yes! You took her to a nice restaurant where she suggested ending the night at her place. She talked about being kinky to which you told her you were too, youll do anything for the chance to fuck Irene, especially on the first date!! The scene opens with Irene laying in front of you on the bed, she has rope in her hands and reminds you that you said you were down to be kinky! She ties you up, her boobs so close to your face you can feel the warmth radiating off of them. She gets your hands ties tightly, but then things change…Irenes entire demeanor changes!!! She starts to laugh and you get quite confused, youre already naked and your hands are so tight you cant escape! Irene reveals her ACTUAL PLAN, she going to make you her wittle man!! Irene tells you that she will be your new stepMommy, she puts a diaper on you, and begins acclimating you to your new life. She vividly describes how things will be now, you will wear a diaper and *ONLY* go to the bathroom in the diaper! She talks about feeding in the high chair, playtime, diaper changes, taking you out in public, nap time, and more! Irene is having so much fun as your new stepMommy, she tired of hearing your complaints and introduces you to your Pacifier, this will keep you quiet!! Once Irene has told you all about your new (very humiliating) life, she cant wait to get started, maybe the park first! …..and then Irene smells it…did you make a BOOM-BOOM already?!?! OMG! Irene is horrified by the smell! This is too soon for her, she will be leaving you in this stinky diaper to experience your first rash, she didnt put any powder on. She made clear that if you needed to go Boom-Boom you had to let her know, she is appalled you would just do that in front of her, you are gross! She uses a wipe to try and clean up whats exploded out but its too much!! She cant take anymore stepMommy time right now, shell be back in a bit to change you. Have fun adjusting to your new life as Irenes Wittle Boy!

12 minutes



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