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I’d brought my slave “ginger nuts” a treat. I told him to close his eyes, and I started slapping his stupid face with it while he lay restrained on the bed with his wrists tied tightly with chain. I smacked a condom, full of cum into his face repeatedly, taunting him with it. I told him to lay back and open his mouth, and as I pressed my boot onto his body, I dangled the cum filled condom into his mouth, making him gag on it! I let the filled condom go right down the back of his throat as I held onto the end of it, teasing him with what would happen if I accidentally let go of the condom, and it fell completely down his throat! I left the condom in his throat, and taped it to his head, so that it was fixed into his mouth! Then I brought my burdizo castration clamp out for some fun! I taunted ginger nuts with it, trapping his worthless balls between the jaws of the clamp! Ginger nuts became nervous, puffing and panting and moaning as his balls were trapped between the hard metal jaws of my clamp! I told Ginger nuts that he needed to make a decision, to either eat my cum from the condom, or to lose his testicles forever! I trapped his balls tight in the jaws, to pressure him for an answer! Silly ginger nuts chose the option of eating my cum from the condom! I left his balls trapped in the clamped, and moved back over to his head and removed the tape from his head that was holding the Condon in his mouth! I ordered him to bite a hole in the condom for me! It was obvious When he’d finally bitten through it, as the expression on his face was priceless as my cum dribbled into his mouth! I pulled the condom out of his mouth, and squeezed my cum straight into his throat, making him swallow it all for me as he gagged and coughed like a bitch!



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