Episode #2: Sitting on a Stranger’s Face (UHD WMV)


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Starring Maria Jade

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Maria’s heart races as she thinks about the thrill of being taken by a complete stranger at the convention. The thought of a mysterious guy, with no strings attached, made her body ache with desire. She longs to feel the touch of a stranger’s hands on her skin, to be completely at their mercy. The idea of being used for their pleasure, and nothing else, makes her hornier than ever. She knew that the risk of being caught only added to the excitement, and she couldn’t wait to experience the ultimate rush of being fucked by a stranger.


As she finally finds herself in the arms of a mysterious guy, her heart races with anticipation for the forbidden desires she’s been yearning to fulfill. The man’s name is of no consequence, for all that matters is the primal urge to get laid, and get her pussy eaten non-stop. With a seductive glint in her eye, she wastes no time sitting on his face, eager to indulge in the sensation of getting her wet pussy worshipped!


Without a word, she lowers herself onto his waiting mouth, feeling his eager tongue exploring her folds. The thrill of not knowing his name only adds to her excitement while she grinds against him, as she becomes even more confident in riding on top of his face. With each movement, she can feel his tongue working tirelessly to please her, and she moans in pleasure as she nears her climax, coating his mouth with her sweet, sweet precum.


As the stranger lay inclined on the bed, his pulsing cock beckoned to Maria. She couldn’t resist the urge to bury her dripping fat cunt deep into his face, ensuring that every inch of her throbbing clit was lavished with his tongue. Her hips swaying seductively as she straddles his face, she grinds in a circular motion, desperate for the sensation of his lips on her dripping wet pussy. 


It was definitely an adventurous night for Maria, as she so deeply craves the thrill of a stranger’s touch. And as she straddles his face in a wild 69 position, her pussy was on fire grinding against his eager mouth. But Maria wasn’t just a taker, she was a giver too. With her mouth full of his hard cock, she eagerly returned the favor. This is no ordinary hookup, this is a rowdy pussy fuck with a total stranger, and Maria is loving every second of it!


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