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Feet For Erection

Hey footboy are you ready to stroke that foot loving cock for our feet? What are you waiting for? Get that dick in your hand and let’s start stroking. Do you need to see our soles first? mmm… That’s got you stroking doesn’t it? Our feet always trigger you to stroke. We know how much you love My feet. Stroke it. Are you so focused on My feet that you failed to notice our big boobs on your screen, as well? That’s ok footboy keep stroking that dick. It loves out feet and it wants to cum for them. Let it go… splatter our soles with cum.

Selina is 19 years old gorgeous girl with 8 (38 EU) size perfectly shaped highly arched and wrinkled soles. She is 5’7” (170 cm) sexy girl 118 LBS (54 KG). She is a sexy lady with high arched big feet and smooth toes.

Trinity is 24 years old beautiful Amazon woman with 12 (42 EU) size gigantic feet and long toes. She is 6’1” (184 cm) tall and 152 LBS (69 KG). She is a sexy lady with big feet, high arches and long toes.

Hope you are ready to lock yourself up and worship these perfect feet!. They tease you with their bare feet, softest pink soles and smooth toes! You will absolutely drool at sight of their feet and elegant toes.

The video is MP4 (H.264) encoded at 1920×1080 Full HD resolution. Exclusive models, only at our website.

Video contains – feet, wrinkled soles, clean feet, fresh feet, soft feet, foot massage, pointy toes, flexing feet, arches, small feet, big feet, ignore

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