Footslave lesson: Lick my boots, socks and feet clean! ( Foot Worship with Goddess Sheila ) – FULL HD wmv


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Goddess Sheila: He will worship my boots, socks and feet

When I come home, my slave has to kneel in his place and await his duties. I know that he enjoys fulfilling my wishes and fulfilling his tasks. For that he gets to live in the Lady House. I used it almost every day to lick my dirty boots and shoes clean. Today I was out and my black boots are dirty and there is dirt in the grooves under my soles. My slave will now lick the dirt and clean the grooves with his tongue. Shua about how I use him and how I enjoy watching him enjoy cleaning my shoes with his tongue rag.

He’s gonna suck and kiss my sticky socks now.
As always, my slave has to wait for me on his knees and has to fulfill his task on command.
I come into the room and take off my boots. He can first smell my boots and then enjoy the aroma of my socks. My socks are sweaty and sticky. He can try how my socks smell. Yes, worship my socks you loser!, worship and kiss them. If I mean well with you, you can lick and suck my sticky socks. That’s a wonderful job for you toe suckers!

Now I’m sticking my bare foot deep in his mouth!
I now let my slave take off my socks with his mouth and he can first breathe in the scent of my feet. He should press his face and his nose hard against my bare soles and smell it! He should also smell my toes. I now feel like pushing my sweet little feet deep down his throat. I push my foot hard into his mouth until the tears come, it almost makes me laugh :). Yes, suffer for me slave! After that, my hot feet can be spoiled. He can now massage and lick my bare feet 


24 minutes



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