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Starring Arielle Lane

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Arielle is feeling frisky and is getting ready for her boyfriend. She lies down on the bed as she awaits for him to return. Wearing a sexy sheer black top and sexy spiderweb fishnet pantyhose just for him. She twirls her hair and playfully bites her lower lip in anticipation.

After a few moments she hears a strange sound and staying on the bed she starts looking around the room.  Suddenly a sheet of webbing floats down from above and lands on her head. She quickly brushes away the feathery touch and pulls the silk off of her head. 

Kneeling, she now must try to work her hands free as they have become stuck in the webbing.  As she continues to try to free her hands the spider drops down from above and bites her. She cries out and winces in pain, before falling face first on the bed.
Arielle awakens face down in her night attire and is confused wondering what happened. She quickly learns she is bound, wrapped from her elbows to knees in webbing. 

She comments on how strong and sticky the binding is and that spiders aren’t supposed to eat humans.  She twists and wiggles rolling over from her stomach to side to back on a few occasions. After a bit of struggling the spider drops from the ceiling and bites her again. 
Now she is face up and to her surprise finds she is now nude and has been cocooned from feet to shoulders in a thin layer of webbing.  Her arms are wrapped behind her and her legs are wrapped together.  She squirms around on the bed and curses the spider, commenting on how it is so tight and she can barely move. 

After a bit, she changes her tune and starts to try and plead with the spider. Begging it to not cocoon her. And to let her go and not to bite her anymore.  She screams as the spider descends.
In the final scene, Arielle is seen face down still nude and cocooned from her shoulders to feet, but now she is also hogtied. Her legs bent up behind her and connected to her wrists. Now, she also has webbing wrapped around her mouth forming a cleve gag.  She mews and whimpers as she meekly struggles in her tight bondage. The spider can be seen perched between her shoulders.

17 minutes



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