GAOYU farts at the dwarves




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Customized videos:In this video Giantess Gaoyu is a relentless bully to one of her classmates Darren. Darren is smaller than Gaoyu and is physically helpless to fight back. One day The Darren has had enough of Gaoyu bullying her and tries to stand up for himself. Darren yell at Gaoyu to tell her to stop and Gaoyu smiles and lifts her hand and instantly shrinks Darren . She then picks up rDarren in her hand and Gaoyu laughs and smiles at him and tells Darren “what do you think you were doing ? You though you could beat me?” She farts and says “ohh I’m really Gassy today, it must have been the school lunch” she then tells him “I know the perfect way to bully you. Gaoyu then farts in her hand and transfers Darren in her the other hand laughing saying ” oh my God my Gas is so bad . Do you like it? Gaoyu then tells him I’m going to humiliate you like you never imagine. She then puts him on her chair and says “you are now my Fart Cushion Gaoyu booty is so big the tiny classmates could not escape it. She then farts on him and laughs and sits on him. Giantess Gaoyu gets up a little so he could get air but soon as he does she blasts him with another big stinky eggy smelling farts . Darren wiggles,squirm and struggles every time Gaoyu farts on him. enjoying how he feels under her big stinky butt. Gaoyu then picks Darren up and tells him she always thought Darren was cute and she is going to train him and teach him to love everything about her. 

13 minutes



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