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POV Ondrea and Whitney want to have a threesome together with you, they are waiting for you to come over. While waiting they talk about their fav kind of dicks, describing the shapes of them the rigid mushroom heads and missle shaped cocks, they are very excited but when you show up and pull down your pants they are completely disappointed with the uncircumcised penis you have, Ondrea asks Whitney tell you that they would never even suck a cock like yours. They want you to get snipped it will look so much better. You are like a caveman and need to get with the times, they explain in detail how much they can’t stand uncut cocks, the awful smell fills the room as they call you names and ask you questions about your foreskin…they both hold up their hands like scissors snip snip until then you will never be able to fuck us, we tease denial and laugh at you till you get circumcised and get rid of that bunched up skin we dont want to see you again, it will be so much better once you do it. We believe Men with cut cocks make better lovers, they last longer and feel like a real man! Big or Small it doesn’t matter all uncut dicks are gross… A dick like yours with all the extra skin never really gets to experience and feel our pussies, you just fuck the skin sack when you have sex so why would we want that?

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