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Something has it out for Ludellas butt today. It starts when she is in the kitchen handling some chores. A mischievous hand appears and begins a series of pranks — all targeting her butt. First, it sets a candle right below her butt while she is squatted down. When she sits back she notices a funny smell and realizes something is wrong. Her butt is on fire! She runs around frantic for a minute, ending with plopping her butt into the sink full of cold water . She sighs in relief for several minutes. Then, the hand returns and changes the water temperature to scalding hot. She jumps up and out of the sink. In the next scene, she is trying to relax in the living room. Upon sitting down to read a book, her butt is too sore so she walks off to get an ice pack for it. While she is gone the hand reappears and scatters a bunch of thumbtacks on the couch cushion! None the wiser, Ludella comes back and sits down. She immediately jumps up and begins dancing around trying to remove the source of pain. One by one, she begins plucking the thumb tacks out of her pin cushion of a butt. Later, she is rubbing some lotion on her skin. What she doesnt realize is that she is not out of the woods yet. The hand reappears while she is distracted and replaces the lotion with hot sauce. As she is applying it, hot sauce begins to burn, causing her to dance and jiggle around again. This time she removes her shorts. With a bowl of water to sit in, she plops down into the water to relieve the sensation. Finally fed up with the nonsense, Ludella stands up and boldly declares that she will get to the bottom of this! Custom 2017

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