*Harder and Harder – Featuring Domina Helena Locke – SD*


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Domina Helena Locke is back at The Queendom for a day of shooting.  As She lounges on the bed in a tight and revealing black bodysuit, jimmy comes in to talk about T/their so called “light” shoot plans for the day.  She frowns as She hears jimmy’s relaxed plan for the day,  “When do I ever do anything light?  That doesn’t work for Me, I think you need to learn your place!”  Throwing jimmy down onto the bed, Helena quickly wraps Her powerful legs around his head and squeezes him in a scissorhold, Her amazing booty only inches from jimmy’s face.  “See, you don’t call the shots here, do you?”  As jimmy groans in agony, he manages to squeak out, “But i’m the director!”  With a derisive laugh, Helena smiles again and continues squeezing. “Oh no, you just tell the camera to roll and stop, but you don’t direct the day!”  Helena emphasizes this by straddling and pinning jimmy beneath Her, laughing at his weak attempts to push Her off of him.  When She tires of his struggles She calmly grabs his puny wrists and straps him into restraints, leaving jimmy completely helpless!  With jimmy’s arms bound Helena is free to smother his face any way She likes!  Reverse, sideways, forward, full weight, bouncing, and more head crushing scissor holds follow!  Domina Helena is going to have Her way with jimmy all day and there’s nothing he can do about it!

12 minutes



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