Haunted mansion scary movie by Mysterious Lilly role play WMV HD




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Haunted mansion scary movie by Mysterious Lilly role play WMV HD


Lilly invited you and some other friend to her newly inherited house. It’s a little bit old and you must admit some parts of it look a little bit creepy. She welcomes you and starts talking about how happy she is that you’re here with her. It seems that after getting this old house Lilly began to think that she’s someone special. She says that she has some royal juice inside of her, she’s basically royalty which would explain her elegant feet. She shamelessly shows you one of her feet.
Then you hear some weird sound. She looks scared but agrees with you that you should investigate the house. You end up in one of the rooms. It’s a little bit dark and foggy in there. Now she’s terrified. She doesn’t want to be there. She says that maybe you guys should go to stay at your place.
It’s getting scary. She told you how every horror movie ends up bad, and now you’re guys in one.
Lilly tries to talk to this being, that it can have her house, but she’s not brave enough to defend it. The weird, scary moan appears again. Lilly grabs you and everything goes dark. She keeps you in front of her, but you can’t see anything. She tells this being that haunts the house that it should take you guys, not her! Then everything stops. She looks guilty now and starts apologizing. She hopes that after this incident you’re still friends, either way you can always visit this big beautiful house, and that’s something!

Length:5 min
Size:152 MB

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