Hogtie Wrestling Race Reboot: VeVe Lane vs Keri Spectrum


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VeVe and Keri meet up for a reboot of their 2012 Hogtie Wrestling Race, but this time VeVe doesnt plan to play by the rules!
Just like last time, the ladies are to take turns as the Attacker and the Defender.  The Defender starts with her hands tied behind her back, and the Attacker must wrestle her down and rope her into a complete hogtie as quickly as possible.  The Defender then gets five minutes to escape as fast as she can.  At the end of the challenge the winner is the one with the fastest combined tying and escaping time.  Or at least thats how its supposed to work…
After binding Keri up in the first Attacking round and smugly teasing her while she totally fails to escape in the first Escaping round, VeVe tugs her hands free when shes supposed to be Defending and goes on the Attack again!  While Keri complains about cheating and VeVe merrily declares its her own fault for not making the wrist tie tighter, the two scramble and struggle in an unexpected bondage wrestling match.
But VeVe soon has the upper hand again, and Keri ends up inescapably hogtied a second time, the double-loser of their contest!  VeVe gloats and victory poses, and she declares that losing SO badly absolutely means that Keri deserves a round of bound foot tickling as punishment.  And thats all before she struts off leaving Keri stuck on the mats with the timer still running to record her utter failure to escape.
 Both ladies wear bikinis.
1920×1080 Full HD, 60 fps, 7 mbps.

25 minutes



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