Human Seat, Desk And Fart Sniffer – Rich College Brat (HD1080p)


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The Rich College Brat has been working from home recently! She could go into the office, but since her step-daddy OWNS THE COMPANY she can do almost anything she wants! She is sitting on her slaves face and making him hold her laptop as she works, he is a SEAT AND A DESK! She bounces her big ass on his face, laughing at how horrible this must be for him! She even taunts him about BRINGING HIM TO THE OFFICE and using him as a seat in front of all her co-workers!

She begins pulling her leggings up and down, revealing SHE IS NOT WEARING ANY PANTIES! She pushes the slaves nose right up against her SMELLY UNWASHED ASSHOLE and laughs as he takes a deep smell! The Rich Brat teases the slave about using him AS A TOILET and sharing him with some of the other girls at work! The Rich brat takes off her leggings and continues to work, but this time LETTING OUT SOME WET SMELLY FARTS! The slave chokes on her gas as she laughs and demands he smell even deeper, inhaling all the fart gas!

The video ends with the Rich Brat trying to push out one last fart, but she has to stop or else she may have an accident right here on the slaves face!

13 minutes



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